Case Study: How Refining and Leveraging Show Positioning Helped Jane Grow Her Social Impact Podcast

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Jane, an avid podcast listener and creator had been producing her interview show, “Social Impact Insights,” for a few years, but despite her passion for the subject matter and the high quality of her content, her show remained small and unknown.

Despite her best efforts, she struggled to find an audience and grow her show.

Refining and Leveraging Show Positioning

Determined to turn things around, Jane decided to focus on refining and leveraging her show’s positioning in order to stand out and become the go-to resource for a specific sub-niche within the social entrepreneurship space.

She began by conducting extensive research on what other shows in the space were doing and identifying areas where her show could differentiate itself.

Narrowing Focus to Social Enterprises Addressing Environmental Issues

One key area of differentiation was the focus of the show.

While many other podcasts about social entrepreneurship covered a wide range of topics and sectors, Jane decided to narrow the focus of her show to social enterprises that were working to address environmental issues.

She believed that this was an underrepresented and important area within the social entrepreneurship space, and she was confident that her show could become the go-to resource for this sub-niche.

Targeting Early-Stage Social Entrepreneurs

To further differentiate her show, Jane also targeted a specific audience – social entrepreneurs who were just starting out and looking for guidance and inspiration.

She believed that there was a gap in the market for a show that was tailored specifically to this audience, and she was committed to providing valuable and actionable content for them.

Building a Strong Brand and Marketing Strategy

In addition to refining the focus and target audience of her show, Jane also worked on building a strong brand and marketing strategy.

She updated the branding of her show, including the logo and website, to reflect its new focus and target audience. She also developed a clear mission statement and tagline that conveyed the purpose and focus of her show.

Promoting Show through Engagement and Outreach

Finally, Jane invested time and resources in promoting her show.

She actively engaged with her audience on social media, participated in social entrepreneurship conferences and events, and reached out to media outlets and other organizations to generate buzz and publicity.

These efforts paid off, and over time, “Social Impact Insights” grew from a small, unknown podcast to a respected and popular show with a dedicated audience.

Jane’s dedication to refining and leveraging her show’s positioning helped her overcome the challenges of a crowded market and find success.

She had succeeded in becoming the go-to resource for new social entrepreneurs working to address environmental issues, and she was proud of the impact her show was making.

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