Soulless Podcast Advice is a collection of podcast marketing & growth resources, all written by an AI.

Hey, I’m Jeremy 👋

Over the past 7 years, I’ve written more than 400 blog posts, newsletters, and essays, more than 150 on podcasting alone.

With the arrival of AI writing assistants, I’ve have been wondering where these tools leave us as creators, specifically when our content involves teaching others.

Inspired by Anne-Laure Le Cunff’s Ness Labs Toolbox project, I started Soulless Podcast Advice as a way to explore the opportunities, threats, and limitations of AI.

I hope these articles and resources help you learn how to better market and grow your show.

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Add Some Soul to Your Strategy

These resources were written by AI, and while they're certainly useful for explaining core podcast marketing concepts, they lack the nuance, art, and humanity that makes good marketing sing.

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