Soulless (But Useful) Podcast Advice

A collection of AI-generated podcast marketing resources to help you grow your show and increase ROI.

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Marketing Concepts

A collection of concepts to add to your podcast marketing toolbelt. 

If you’ve ever come across a marketing term and you weren’t sure what it meant, this is the place to find out.

How Tos

A collection of resources walking you through how to apply various marketing and growth concepts to your show with step by step instructions and examples.

Case Studies

A collection of fictional, AI-generated case studies showcasing how to approach various marketing concepts and the results they might help you achieve. 

Honestly, these are a little uncanny. 

Podcast Marketing Essentials

Add Some Soul to Your Strategy

These resources were written by AI, and while they're certainly useful for explaining core podcast marketing concepts, they lack the nuance, art, and humanity that makes good marketing sing.

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