Owned, Earned & Paid: Understanding the 3 Types of Listener Acquisition Channels

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Acquisition channels refer to the various ways that a podcast or business can reach and attract new listeners or listeners.

In the context of growing a podcast, there are three main types of acquisition channels: owned, earned, and paid.

Here’s a closer look at the differences between these three types of acquisition channels and the role they play in growing your show.

Owned Acquisition Channels

Owned acquisition channels are channels that you directly control, such as a website or a social media account.

For a podcast, owned acquisition channels might include the podcast’s website, social media accounts, and email list.

Owned acquisition channels can be a powerful way to reach and engage with potential listeners, as they allow the podcast to directly communicate with its audience and build relationships with them.

Earned Acquisition Channels

Earned acquisition channels are channels that you indirectly control, such as media coverage or word-of-mouth referrals.

For a podcast, earned acquisition channels might include mentions in the media, recommendations from influencers or other podcasts, collaborations with other brands or creators, or positive reviews from listeners.

Earned acquisition channels can be a powerful way to reach new listeners, as they often carry more credibility and influence than paid or owned channels.

Paid Acquisition Channels

Paid acquisition channels are channels you pay to use, such as advertising or sponsored content.

For a podcast, paid acquisition channels might include paid advertising on social media, podcast directories, or other platforms, or sponsored content in the form of paid collaborations or partnerships with other brands or podcasts.

Paid acquisition channels can be a powerful way to reach new listeners, as they allow the podcast to target specific demographics or interests and reach a wider audience.

Owned, earned, and paid acquisition channels are all important for growing a podcast, and the right mix of channels will depend on the specific goals and resources of the podcast.

By using a combination of each channel type, a podcast can reach and engage with potential listeners and build a loyal audience.

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